Our Plan

We are proud to say we did accomplish most of our goals in the 2011 strategic plan. In 2016 we held a planning meeting to develop a 2016-2021 strategic plan. It can be found here.

Evergreen Conservancy held a Strategic Planning Session at the PASEC Meeting room on February 26, 2011 to develop our 2011- 2016 Five Year Plan. Everyone who attended had a chance to brainstorm and develop their ideas of EC’s vision for 5 years from now and prioritize them. From the brainstorming sessions the following goals were developed:




  • Becoming identified as a educational resource to Local, County, state wide people on conservation, land preservation, H2O quality, renewable energy, stewardship,  impact of resource extraction
  • Increase education and youth involvement – school, scouts, college, 4-H, home school, tie into school requirements
  • Tanoma – Develop educational program plans for Tanoma
  • Develop environmental education plans for indoor classrooms and groups presentation
  • Adult field trips – sportsman’s clubs, membership, tourist bureau, nursing, IUP, IMRC,
  • Training trainers for educational presentations
  • Continuation of education of board members and members on conservation, land preservation, H2O quality, renewable energy, stewardship,  impact of resource extraction
  • Increase environmental education to property owners.
    • Provide water monitoring information on our website

Water Quality

AMD remediation

  • Tanoma treatment system efficiency
  • Other potential county AMD sites involvement
  • Pursue dredging of iron oxide as a potential resource

Water monitoring

  • Acquisition and placement of data logger monitoring equipment
  • Developing volunteer base to help with monitoring
  • Developing partnerships with other agencies and groups


  • Identify public health issues in our county
  • Developing wild life habitat protection

Land Trust

  • Develop potential easements relationships
    • Development of member and public knowledge of easements
    • Develop a plan for stewardship of easements
    • Develop a long term plan for easements
  • Develop tools for land preservation
  • Build bequest programs

Stream Access

  • Develop/Improve boat launches, partner with others, support projects in the role of a 501c3

Cultural Historic Preservation

  • Support efforts to preserve historical and cultural sites

Organizational Goals


  • Establish a youth membership level
  • Establish new payment through website
  • Double membership by 2015
  • Foster corporate memberships (Plus 10 by 2015)
  • Develop rewards/benefits for members
  • Develop members specialty groups like faculty/faith base/teachers/legal/CPA’s/sportsman groups/ medical professionals
  • Develop ownership of ideals and purpose
  • Seek diversity in membership


  • Develop capacity of volunteers and staff to reduce responsibility of board workers
  • Build capacity to allow for new and innovative projects
  • Keep projects fresh to peek interest – project that resonate with the board interest and leadership
  • Offer two training opportunity for the board per year
  • Continue to seek diversity in board development
  • Make board positions more accessible
    • Advertize self nomination
    • Membership applications more available
    • Board process includes training
    • Continue board transparency and accountability to the public

Staff /Volunteers/VISTA/Americorp Goals

  • Continue (at minimum) part time VISTA and/or Americorp position
    • Develop VISTA/Americorp roles
    • Offer training
    • Continue volunteer base – non employer status
    • Develop training programs for all initiatives (programs and projects) for all volunteers

Finance and Fundraising

  • Financial independence through an endowment ( a protected fund)
  • Establish a bequest program
  • Continue to develop an solid annual budget
  • Continue successful grant writing initiatives
  • Continue good accountability and transparency
  • Question the need for auditing
  • Pursue corporate support
  • Pursue in-kind support from businesses and corporations
  • Continue fundraising with handmade items
  • Pursue fundraising from iron oxide from AMD system – Develop IO products for revenue
  • Develop fundraising partnerships
  • Utilize web for sales (ETSY and EC Web)


  • Seek experienced and experienced non-profit advisor (hiring or pro-bono work)
  • Utilize grant money for marketing
  • Focus attention on one or two items that EC does well
  • Increase EC visibility in Indiana County Region
  • Increase recognition and success of projects that benefit the public
  • Publicize our successes – Highlight positives in our organization
  • Distribution of Educational brochure (and put on web)
  • Media plan (based on target audiences)
  • Enhance Facebook and other social media
  • Offer services to other groups for projects we have become successful at doing