Conservation Land Easements


Photo 6 at Photo Pt 4 junction of 2 tribs near C1 cornerEvergreen Conservancy and Robindale Coal entered into a land conservation easement agreement in December, 2017 on a 45 acre plot of Robindale Coal land near Dilltown.  This particular plot of land is considered a potential habitat for the Indiana Bat.

The Indiana bat was first seen in 1904 in Indiana’s Wyandotte Cave and introduced to science in1928. This is a small bat weighing the equivalent of 3 pennies. Its wing span is 9 to 11 inches. It hibernates in winter in caves or abandoned mines and is considered one of an endangered species. Indiana bats migrate to their summer habitat in wooded areas where they usually roost under loose tree bark on dead or dying trees. Indiana bats also forage in or along the edges of forested areas.Photo 9 fill_at_ROW_edge_9-13

A land conservation easement is an agreement between a land owner and a conservation organization.  The owner of the land does not change but the Conservancy holds an easement on the property to steward the land and make sure there are no changes that occur on the land as per the contract. The land is protected as a bat habitat in perpetuity.   Even if a landowner sells that property the permeant conservation easement is on the title and is still in effect.

See the article in the Indiana Gazette

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