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Support Evergreen Conservancy: Purchase Hand-Made Items


Here we have a number of items you may purchase to support Evergreen Conservancy and our mission.  Many of the items are handmade by EC members or are donated by local crafters. A few items are promotional with an Evergreen Conservancy emblem on it to help spread awareness of our organization. All costs includes tax as appropriate. Shipping, if necessary, will be additional.

 If you wish to purchase any of these items please call us at 724-471-6020 or email us at so that we can make arrangements.

If you have a gift for creating handmade arts and crafts and would like to help – please let us know! Or if you would want to donate some of your wares to EC for our fundraising efforts, we will make an acknowledgment on this page for your contribution.







Cell phone and tablet holders made out of a combination of beautiful woods. $15.00






Santa’s, snowmen, and wizards made from dried okra pods

Large $5.00,  small $4.50


wool coasters







WOOL Coasters  4 inch wool coasters made of scrap pieces of recycled wool sweaters. 4 for $5.00.



on the go games on the go cans






Games to go $6.00 each 

can caddy







Can Caddy  $10.00 each 



corn cob wreaths








Corncob Wreath slices of dried corncob arranged in an overlapping pattern with a raffia bow.  Handmade by volunteers of the Evergreen Conservancy.



wool wreath 2 wool wreath








Wool Wreath made with recycled wool scraps by Evergreen Conservancy volunteers.  Measures 9 inches in diameter. Colors will vary.

Cost is $10.00









Tie-dyed T-shirts made with iron oxide from our Tanoma AMD passive treatment ponds. Hand dyed and screen printed in Indiana, PA. All sizes available. Each one is unique.

Adults: $15.00 and Kids: $12.00 plus shipping if needed.



Nature Swag

garland wreathIMG_5195 - Copysnowman garland







Natural Swags/Garland These are made of natural and recycled items. Each is handmade and different. They are a lovely decoration for Christmas or year round.

Cost: $10.00



IMG_5206 - Copy

IMG_5201 - Copy


20161203_201250 20161203_201628






Lighted bottles and windows Put these on a window or shelf to light up your room. Made of all recycled materials.

Block: $15.00 Bottle: $10.00



IMG_5209 - Copy







Tiles to Write Notes – Save paper! Write a note on these tiles to save a tree! Comes with a stand and colored pen. All tiles are hand decorated and the decoration will not rub off.

Cost: $8.00



box of chalkIO chalk







Iron Oxide Chalk Our iron oxide chalk is colored with the iron that is harvested and dried from ponds at our Tanoma AMD treatment system. It is handmade and works great on chalk boards and pavements. The shapes are a mix of crayon shapes, roses, and hearts. There are 12-14 shapes in each box.

Cost: $5.00



Boot Jacks







Boot Jacks These handmade, wooden, boot jacks help you take off your boots without bending over or sitting down.

Cost: $15.00



Charliebrown Tree







Charlie Brown Tree This tree is handmade from wood and stands 12 inches high. Perfect addition to your holiday decorating.

Cost: $15.00



Wine Bottle Holder







Wine Bottle Holder This handmade wine bottle holder is great for displaying your bottle of wine or to give as a gift.

Cost: $5.00


last swan print







Swan and Cygnets While John McCombie is best known for his work as a bronze sculptor, working out of his foundry near Clymer, PA, this print is a graceful depiction of a brood of cygnets under the watchful eye of their mother. This is a great opportunity to have a piece of McCombie’s artwork in your home. Framed print is 25 x 20 1/2. There is only 1 framed picture left. There will be no more.

Cost is $196.10



Corn Mug







Corn Mugs These corn mugs are environmentally sustainable products made from 100% corn based plastics, known as PLA Plastic. They are domestically produced, completely biodegradable, microwave safe, and environmentally friendly. Unlike the conventional PET Plastics, PLA Plastic uses no petroleum products as raw materials, lessening our country’s reliance on foreign oil for consumer goods. According to an independent study commissioned by NatureWorks LLC, Corn Plastic uses 65% less energy and produces 68% fewer greenhouse gasses in the manufacturing process. Corn Plastic is really biodegradable. That doesn’t mean it will disintegrate while you are using it. Your Corn Mug is very sturdy and will last as long as a conventional plastic mug, so it is a good idea not to throw it on your compost pile. The best place for unwanted PLA plastics is a PLA recycling facility where they will be made into new Corn Plastic products, or a PLA composting facility where specific enzymes and a controlled environment will completely biodegrade the plastics in 90 days. But we think you will want to hold onto your corn plastic mug and use it again and again! We would recommend you hand wash it because it may warp in the dishwasher. PLA Plastic is made by fermenting the starches found in corn. The sugars in the corn’s starch ferments into a compound called Poly Lactic Acid (PLA) which can then be used to create plastic pellets that are injection molded into PLA Plastic products.

Cost: $8.00



Eye Pillows







Eye pillows Our eye pillows are handmade with reused fabrics and natural materials. You can choose from a combination of home grown dried lavender, buckwheat hulls and/or flax seed. Let us know which combination you would like. Buckwheat hulls are lighter, flax seed would be a little heavier and a combination of the two may be just right for you. They can be with or without lavender. Fabrics may vary depending on what is available. We also have a child’s size.

Cost: $8.00



Corn Heater







Corn Heater Our corn heaters are made of reused fabrics and natural local dried corn. There is an inside sleeve and an outer cover that can be removed and washed. Corn Heater – stays warm longer! Put in microwave and heat 30 seconds at a time until warm enough. WARNING: Can get very hot – do not put on skin unless you are sure it is not too hot – especially with children. Fabrics may vary depending on what is available.

Cost: $10.00



framed cork board

framed cork board

plant markers

plant markers

floating key rings

floating key rings

cork magnets

cork magnets

cork pumpkins

cork pumpkins


Cork Products

prices vary

cork trivets

cork trivets