IAC and EC – 2012 “Art Cleans our Streams”

Indiana Arts Council and Evergreen Conservancy Presents – 2012 “Art Cleans Our Streams”

Our iron oxide art was open for bids from November through Dec 19th on the web site and at Michael B’s shoe store window.

The official time for bids is over. THANK YOU to all who placed bids on our iron oxide art. You will see below the items that were bid on with the final bids. There are a few things that are still available for purchase and they can be found at our marketplace page from today on.

This pitcher is 6 inches high and holds 3 cups. Iron oxide decoration made by Cindy Rogers

Fired in a wood fire kiln 


Wood turned cherry bowl with lid 4 1/2 inches high made by local artist Ron Moretti.

Iron oxide used to stain the outside of the bowl


Wood turned cherry bowl with lid 4 inches high made by local artist Ron Moretti.

Iron oxide used to stain the outside of the bowl, manganese on the inside.


Painting by Odenedo on wood 16×12 2012 Email 




Plate – pottery by Nancy Smeltzer of Little Mahoning Creek Pottery in Smicksburg, PA. Fired in a wood fire kiln.

Dark brown was made with iron oxide and rutile slip www.etsy.com/shop/nancysmeltzer


 Ruth Farrier of East Creek Pottery, Rochester Mills, PA Ceramic Tile Iron oxide used under the other glazes.

Tile is  impressed with plants, bisque fired then smoked fired with straw. Stains are applied.

9″ x 9″  $45.00

Photograph By Darlene Palmer, Creekside, PA

photograph – 16×13
pasknucklehead@yahoo.com $45.00

Betty Hedman Smicksburg Pottery Platter is made with Iron oxide slip under golden celadone 

$100.00 16 inch in diameter



Painted by students at Auberle, McKeesport, PA


11″x 9″  $10.00

“Butterfly” Painted by students from Auberle McKeesport, PA


10 1/2″ x 9″

“Minerals and Tape” mixed media by Alissa from Auberle, McKeesport, PA

11 x 14  $15.00

“Snowy Mousebots” mixed media by Alissa from Auberle, McKeesport, PA

11 x 14     $15.00

“Pine Trees” by Salim (age 18) from Auberle, McKeesport, PA 

mixed media

11 x 14 $15.00

“Awesomeness” by Ron (age 15) from Auberle, McKeesport, PA

 mixed media 

11 x 14   $15.00