Environmental Education

Evergreen Conservancy is proud to provide enriching, hands-on, outdoor learning experiences for youth of all ages in Indiana County.


If you are looking for a place to hike or walk in Indiana County see our new Hiking Trails Story Map.

If you have a hiking trail that you think should be included please let us know by emailing us at evergreenconservancy@gmail.com

Check out our new story map about sites of ecological / environmental significance. Many of these sites are points on our Eco Geocache trail. See our Ecological Points of Importance in Indiana County Story Map.

If you have any sites of ecological importance that you think should be included in this story map please let us know by emailing us at evergreenconservancy@gmail.com

We also offer many videos about Evergreen Conservancy and what we do. We also have some activities you can do at home. Our newest video is all about watersheds and how you can make a watershed at home.

Who do we teach?

We offer a wide variety of activities appropriate for students ranging from elementary to college level. Past groups have included:


  • Boy/Girl Scouts
  • Middle School classrooms
  • High School volunteers
  • Home Schools
  • Cyber Schools
  • IUP geology, biology, and honors college students
  • Family Fun Fest attendees
  • Delfest attendees

We are happy to work with new and existing groups to meet their needs!

Where do you do these programs?

We love to have visitors out to our Tanoma AMD Wetlands Environmental Learning Classroom near Clymer, PA. We are also available for programming in classrooms, at day camps, festivals, conferences and other community events!

What programs do you offer?

We offer many different types of activities based on the age and interests of each group or youth member. Click here to see our programs from 2014.

At Tanoma, we usually offer curriculum on:

  • Renewable SolarWind,  Water power demonstrations and discussions.
  • Acid Mine Drainage explanations.
  • Tree and plant identifications.
  • Story Walk hike around the park.
  • Macroinvertebrate stream catches.
  • Chalk and tie-dye t-shirt making using iron from the treatment system.

In classrooms or other locations, we can also offer:

  • Groundwater simulator demonstrations.
  1. How does the basic water cycle give us groundwater?
  2. How does pollution enter our groundwater?
  3. What types of activities can cause pollution?
  4. How does water move throughout the earth?
  5. How can get pollution out of water?
  • “What Does a Wetland Do?” EnviroScape  Model


  1. Basic functions and values of a wetland.
  2. Recognition of different types of wetlands
  3. Understanding of what activities negatively affect wetlands and what activities can help to conserve and protect wetlands.
  • Tie-dye t-shirt and chalk making

A kid favorite – making their own tie-dye t-shirt and sidewalk chalk using iron oxide extracted from Tanoma! All iron oxide and natural ingredients are DEP-approved for safe toxin levels.

  • Learn about watersheds and check out a virtual watershed activity that can be done at home or anywhere on our youtube channel!

How can I set up a program?

If you work with youth groups and would like more information about environmental education programs we can provide – please let us know. If you would like to schedule a program – we would be happy to work with you. Contact us at evergreenconservnacy@gmail.com  or call 724-471-6020.

What are program costs?

We offer all of our programs for free! Some activities, like t-shirt making, will require minimal participant-purchased supplies. We also accept charitable donations to Evergreen.

See some of our programs in action

Thank you to our sponsors…

Evergreen was generously supported by a Spring Grant the Sprout Fund of Pittsburgh to provide these education opportunities to the youth of Indiana County.

Spring is a program of The Sprout Fund supporting local biodiversity initiatives that inspire greater stewardship of our region’s natural resources. Supported by The Pittsburgh Foundation, Spring catalyzes community-based projects that positively impact biodiversity in Pittsburgh and the surrounding communities of Southwestern Pennsylvania. The Sprout Fund enriches the Pittsburgh region’s vitality by engaging citizens, amplifying voices, supporting creativity and innovation, and cultivating connected communities. Founded in 2001, Sprout facilitates community-led solutions to regional challenges and supports efforts to create a thriving, progressive, and culturally diverse region.