grow native plants!!

You can help increase native plants in your area. Go to  to see a list of some native plants that are great for pollinators for your area.

Updated Hiking Trails within Indiana County Storymaps!

Have you checked out Evergreen’s Storymaps? We have updated the Hiking Trails within Indiana with an additional 7 hiking trails. We also have another Storymaps, Environmental Sites in Indiana County. Each Storymaps is filled with locations that are open and accessible to the public. Check out the updated version below and share with your friends […]

Evergreen Annual Meeting August 12th

EVERGREEN CONSERVANCY ANNUAL MEETING The Evergreen Conservancy board has scheduled its annual meeting of members and friends on Thursday August 12th at 6:30pm at the Tanoma Environmental Center. The center is located at the intersection of Tanoma and Rayne Church Roads. Look for signs pointing to the center on routes 119N and 286 E. The […]