2018 Annual Membership Picnic

Evergreen Conservancy’s annual membership meeting will be held Wednesday June 27th at 5:30 pm at the Tanoma Wetlands
Outdoor Environmental Education Center.

The annual meeting begins with a potluck picnic dinner at 5:30. The Conservancy Board will grill hamburgers and hot dogs,
provide buns, condiments and drinks. Those attending should bring a salad, side dish, or dessert. All attendees should bring their own
table service.
A key feature of the annual meeting is the presenting of the annual Evergreen Award. This year’s recipient will be Dr. Kathryn
(Katie) Farnsworth who is in the Geoscience Department of IUP.
After the award those who are members will vote on the Evergreen Conservancy Board. Several current members will stand for
reelection and new members may be nominated.
The annual meeting always includes a summary of the past year’s activities and we will have a short program on the role of “Plastics”
in our world today.
It is also a time for Evergreen members to renew their dues and for friends to join up. If you pay by check it will not be deposited
until after July 1 so you will be credited for being a 2018-2019 member.
If you want to come for the meeting only, it usually starts about 6:30 pm as soon as the pot luck is cleaned up.

NOTE: The Tanoma facility, located at the corner of Tanoma and Rayne Church Roads, can normally be accessed from 119 N and 286 N. However as of mid-May you have to take a detour onto Rayne Church Rd. from Rt. 286.