April is Keep America Beautiful Month – Get Involved!

  • April 3 Find a Rainbow Day – Post a photo of a rainbow taken in your park or forest
  • April 3 Walking Day – Take a walk and tell others the details of a favorite walking trail
  • April 5 Read a Roadmap Day – Post a map of your park or forest, no cell service required!
  • April 7-14 Volunteer Week – A good time to thank the volunteers that help your group
  • April 9 Joseph T. Rothrock’s Birthday (an American environmentalist, recognized as the “Father of Forestry” in Pennsylvania)
  • April 13 Opening Day of Regular Trout Season
  • April 17 Bat Appreciation Day – Scary to look at, but they help keep the bugs in check
  • April 22 Earth Day – post photos from clean up and conservation events