Evergreen Annual Meeting August 12th


The Evergreen Conservancy board has scheduled its annual meeting of members and friends on
Thursday August 12th at 6:30pm at the Tanoma Environmental Center. The center is located at the
intersection of Tanoma and Rayne Church Roads. Look for signs pointing to the center on routes 119N
and 286 E.

The annual meeting will not include the traditional pot luck picnic. Instead there will be dessert
and drinks after the meeting. If you plan to attend please bring a lawn chair to help with social

A main feature of the meeting will be the presentation of the Evergreen Award which we have
given since 2012. Last year the award was given to Tammie Robinson of the Indiana Conservation
District. The 2021 award will be given to The Friends of White’s Woods. Another feature will be a
presentation on Riparian Buffer Zones by Alyshia Trexler.

Those attending should be prepared to pay their dues for fiscal year 2021-2022. Dues paying
members will also vote on board members.

Hope to see you there!