Nominations due for the Evergreen Award!

A volunteer, organization, business, or an employed person can be nominated for the award. The conservancy is seeking to recognize a nominee who has demonstrated grass-roots leadership in the following areas:

• New or innovative technology to prevent harm to our environment • Participation in activities that show a direct positive effect on our environment. • Participation in activities that resulted in the preservation of a historical, cultural, or natural resource. • Participation in activities of notable stewardship of the environment

The nomination form can be found here. The narrative should not exceed 2 pages, be single spaced, font size 12 and include a maximum of three supporting documents. The nomination should be mailed to Evergreen Conservancy, PO Box 783, Indiana, PA 15701 or emailed to

For more information call 724-349-4333. The deadline for submitting nominations is April 30, 2017.