What Was it Like to Work as a Coal Miner in Indiana County? Come on April 28th to find out!!

Find out at Evergreen’s spring program on Friday, April 28th at 6pm at Blue Spruce Park!

Evergreen Conservancy is very closely tied to the coal industry in Indiana County. Our Tanoma site’s purpose is to treat abandoned mine drainage. Presenter Herb Gleditsch, who worked for R&P Coal for 30 years, will share artifacts and talk about what is was like to be a miner, including a discussion of mining towns and company stores. Presenter Dr. Jim Dougherty, former IUP sociology professor and founder of the IUP Center for Northern Appalachian Studies, will discuss how technology affected the jobs of coal miners into the 80’s and 90’s. Please join us for what will surely be a very interesting and informative look into a hugely important part of Indiana County’s heritage!