Fall Trail Clean Up October 14th

HILTON GARDEN INN JOINS EVRGREEN CONSRVANCY MEMBERS IN PICKING TRASH ON HOODLEBUG TRAIL   October 14 was a beautiful day to conduct a clean-up of the Hoodlebug Trail and adjoining route 119 areas.

Evergreen members had a nice surprise when staff from the local Hilton Garden Inn arrived to help with the clean-up.  “This our community support week and we chose this clean up as our project.  The trail goes by our motel and we direct guests to hike or bike on the trail”.  Special thanks goes to: Michael Boek,Malcolm Keels, Stephanie Keith, Cindy Leasure,Ken Leasure, Briana Tomack, Melissa Teacher and Linda Wheeler.

Evergreen Conservancy members who participate: JoAnne Ferraro and John Ferraro, Doris and Paul Hicks, Bob and Joseph Lankard and Becky Snyder.   This group collected several bags of trash and were done before 11 am.     Again JoAnne Ferraro wins the prize for the most unusual item collected.  She found a current driver’s license of an out of state resident which she mailed to him explaining where she found it.