Indiana County ECO Tour Geotrail 11/4/17 Program

“Muggles” brave cold to learn about geocaching

Twenty- five children and adults came to Blue Spruce Pavilion 1 on Saturday Morning November 4th to learn about geocaching.  Being cold and damp didn’t dampen their enthusiasm.  What’s a “Muggle”?  If you don’t know you probably are one. It’s anyone who is unfamiliar with geocaching.  Evergreen Conservancy VISTA Jamie Douthit with help from Cindy Rogers explained geocaching to the group and everyone received their passport to start their geocaching eco tour.

Geocaches are items hidden around the world in a global game of hide and seek. You can join the fun by creating an account on Once a geocache is hidden its GPS coordinates are posted online and others can use those coordinates to find it. Our geocache series includes sites that show renewable energy, animal habitats, healthy living, and best management practices in land and water use.  You can find all our cache sites on our website on the Indiana County Geo Trail tab, on the coordinates and links page.